Song stuck

   Hello my peeps! At this moment i have a song stuck in my head, and i won't be able to get it out unless i write it down here. So, you probably guessed it is a Beatles song (like always), but it's one that most people have heard, but not this beatle fanatic. Hey Jude, yup your probably saying "how could she have NOT heard this song before?" Well, that is because i just never had the CD with it on it. Cassidy already had it on hers, but didn't want to tell me!!! Grrrrrrrr! Anyways, i just got the CD Beatles UK hits onto my Mp3. It's awesome!!!! I was bored of listening to Rubber Soul over and over. Not that that was the only one i had, no no no! But that was my fave, until now. Oh, i might be going to a concert in September!!! Screech!!! I've only been to like a million concerts, but this one is in New Hampshire! And it's for Josh Wilson! I really have NO idea who he is so...... Yeah, even if i don't know who he is, i'm still gonna scream! And i scream LOUD! Anyways, by'all!

All my love,

Corrina <3<3



Beautiful music

  Hi, once more this music geek is blogging! A few hours ago i was drawing and singing (at the same time, might i note), and i was singing a collision of Beatles songs and that's what i drew. music gives me wierd ideas of things, and that's what i draw. It's really kind of funny how people who are not very good singers (such as myself) are good at other things, such as drawing, playing insturments, or cooking, but music let's them do other stuff? Wierd isn't it? I draw, play the sax, and enjoy cooking (but am not very good at these things, i do believe), and am obsessed with singing things and WILL randomly burst out in song while Cassidy is talking to me. I just sing whatever is floating around in my head. Adios, all y'all music heads!

Luv y'all (except Tim),


Corriina <3<3 


This Diva wants to drum!

  Ok, hi! So most people i know know that my moms a drummer, AND I WANT TO!!!! So, yeah thats it for now, Byea!!!

Peace, luv, music, drums, diva's, and other stuff

xoxoxoxxoooo guitar picks!



Hey all you music lovers out there!

 Hi, it's me again! I am licking chocolate off my fingers right now, so excuse me if i mess ip i am omly udeing muy right hand, my bad one. So, since you are the only one reading thes, hi Tim! Yuuuuum, chocolate! And i van sprell chocolate without looking at the keyboard. Another one of mt terrific talents!

  So, now i am using both my hands, HURRAY! But i had chocolate on my hands, you wouldn't expect me not to lick my favorite food of my fingers! I have a blog about chocolate! Here's the link; Yeah, oh well. Back to the wonderful land of music!!!

   As you pretty much know, My favorite singer is Taylor Swift!!!!!! I tried to like other people, but she is the only person i really like as my favorite. Yes, i do like the Beatles, but only certain songs! I H-A-T-E yellow submarine! Especialy the movie, i mean it was soooooooo stupid! In the town where i was born, lived a maan who sailed to sea. And he told us of his life, in the laaand of submarine. We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine. I hate that song and "I am the walrus" like freaks me out. Well, pretty much anything sung by John lennon freaks me out! He's like so naisily! Like in "Lucy in the skys with dimonds" First of all, it doesn't make sense! 'Cause it's all like "picture yourself in a boat on a river, with tangeine trees and marmalaid skyyyys" And then it's like "Smebody calls you, you answer quite slowly, the girl with kelidascope eyyyes" And second of all, it's sooo naisily in that song i can't listen two seconds through without singing it myself to block out Mr. Lennon there. And i don't even want to start on Ringo! I will anyways though. 1. He moves his waaay to much while he plays the drums 2. He is soooo short! I can't stand short guys! 3. He made himself up an entire new name for himself, it was Richard Starkey. But now it's Ringo Starr! 4. Now he has been demoted to PBS kids 5. Now he has his NOSE peirced!

So now do you see why i don NOT like Ringo??? And George has a Uni-brow, and Paul has abnormally large eyes. So, i only like the music. End of discusion.

Well, see you tomorow Tim!

Corrina <3<3