Song stuck

   Hello my peeps! At this moment i have a song stuck in my head, and i won't be able to get it out unless i write it down here. So, you probably guessed it is a Beatles song (like always), but it's one that most people have heard, but not this beatle fanatic. Hey Jude, yup your probably saying "how could she have NOT heard this song before?" Well, that is because i just never had the CD with it on it. Cassidy already had it on hers, but didn't want to tell me!!! Grrrrrrrr! Anyways, i just got the CD Beatles UK hits onto my Mp3. It's awesome!!!! I was bored of listening to Rubber Soul over and over. Not that that was the only one i had, no no no! But that was my fave, until now. Oh, i might be going to a concert in September!!! Screech!!! I've only been to like a million concerts, but this one is in New Hampshire! And it's for Josh Wilson! I really have NO idea who he is so...... Yeah, even if i don't know who he is, i'm still gonna scream! And i scream LOUD! Anyways, by'all!

All my love,

Corrina <3<3

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